web demo not connecting to 2nd node

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So i have the web demo installed on my web server. It connects and reads that node fine but when i try to connect to the 2nd it wont work. It detects the 2nd node but when i open it, it shows Error:HTTP 0

Am I right in saying I need to add the 2nd node's IP using rpcallowip=x.x.x.x. to config.txt?

I have tried this but still isnt working.

Any help is much appreciated
asked Feb 28, 2018 by joey

1 Answer

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It's the other way round. You need to add rpcallowip=[the web demo server's IP address] to the multichain.conf file for the second node, since it's the node which is deciding whether to accepting incoming API calls.

answered Feb 28, 2018 by MultiChain