stream data storage on non subscribed node

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I am newbie to Blockchain and MultiChain. 

Question to community:

Lets say node n2 is connected to n1 which has created stream1 , i> even if n2 is not subscribed to stream1 will stream1 items be stored on n2 ii> with explorer can n2 read items ?




asked Feb 19, 2018 by AKM

1 Answer

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For now, the answer is yes – every stream item is stored by every node. But at this exact moment we're working on a feature, as part of the MultiChain 2.0 roadmap, for this not to be the case. Instead, as an option, only hashes of stream items are embedded in the chain, and the payloads are delivered only to those nodes who want them.
answered Feb 19, 2018 by MultiChain