Is a Blockchain Based Decentralized News Network Possible?

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I honestly don't mind this idea floating out there in the Ether, but would it be possible to create a Decentralized News Network based on the Node idea of Blockchain?

Something that takes the images/videos/etc and validates them via timestamp, IP Address, location, device ID, and etc.

The moment a news image is added to this app/network it will verify the validity of it, and any pics/videos/etc would not be able to be uploaded from an unknown IP Address/VPN, or otherwise untraceable/corruptable/disruptable source. Would this concept be possible?
asked Feb 17, 2018 by anonymous

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In a general sense it is possible to use the blockchain for proving the source of a piece of content (via the address that published it, because it was signed with that address's corresponding private key), its payload (including images/video), and its timestamp. The blockchain can't help prove the validity of the IP address, location or device ID, because all of these things can be faked from the blockchain's perspective. You would need to use other means to ensure they are accurate (such as a trusted source of location data, etc...)
answered Feb 18, 2018 by MultiChain