Is it possible to share UI applications between members of a Multichain network?

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I have a scenario in which multiple parties want to exchange assets among each other, and want to track these assets using blockchain.

As far as I know, all the actions that can be performed by the network members - creating assets, transferring assets, reading the current state of an asset - need to be performed using the JSON RPC API provided by Multichain. A member of this network can interact with the blockchain by sending requests to the JSON RPC API in the node that this member owns.

The bridge between a network member and the blockchain is the JSON RPC API.

However, let's say that a member creates a web page to interact with the blockchain. This web page consumes the JSON RPC API of this member node and exists only to provide a human-friendly user interface on top of the JSON RPC API. This way the user can interact with the blockchain by using a web page, instead of using a lower-level alternative like Postman or curl.

If another network member wants to create a friendlier interface to the JSON RPC API, this member will need to create its own web page and host it somewhere. This way, we can see that what all members share is the JSON RPC API of their respective nodes, and anything to help in the consumption of this API needs to be built and hosted individually by each member.

So my question is: Is it possible to share an application between all the members of a blockchain, to ease the consumption of the JSON RPC APIs? It seems to me that the answer is no, and that the decentralisation provided by the blockchain means that, while all members have access to their node APIs, it is not possible to share whole UI applications between them. I am right?
asked Oct 11, 2018 by shevagod

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It's kind of true in a direct sense. But you could use a stream to distribute a web application to all users of the blockchain (perhaps in a .zip archive), and have a small fixed piece of code on every user's computer that takes the latest version of that application from the stream. So effectively the application can be deployed and updated universally for all users.
answered Oct 11, 2018 by MultiChain