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Hi, I'm new to Multichain so I'm sorry if some of my questions have an obvious answer ...

I'm developing a mobile application that give points to the users (if they have the merits needed) and they can spend them in another application. In my case, when a user registers in the app they are added to the blockchain and given an address and a private key, being their phone the node from where they are registering. My intention is to store the address and private key in a external system along with the other information from the registration process. So, here go my questions:

1) I have understood that it is possible that, in my case, for each user that registers from the same phone I can give them different addresses and private keys. Is that correct?

2) Let's say a registered user uses another phone (and, therefor, access the blockchain from another node) and logins in the app. Can the address and private key associated with that user (stored in the external system) be used in this new phone?

Thank you in advance
asked Feb 6, 2018 by sshdez

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I think there is some misunderstanding here, because you are unlikely to run a full node on a phone. Instead, you could run a lightweight wallet on the phone which holds private keys for the users and allows them to transact over the network. But if you are not holding private keys in the user's devices, then your mobile phone app should just be a front end with a login to the back-end which actually creates the transactions.

In any event, in either case you can have multiple addresses and private keys in a single app, and can also transfer any credentials (whether private keys or a regular login) between apps.
answered Feb 7, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Feb 7, 2018 by sshdez
Thank you so much!! This's much easier than what I had in mind