Unable to start a chain after upgrading multichain-2.0-alpha-1 to multichain-2.0-alpha-2

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I am not able to start the chain  after upgrading multichain-2.0-alpha-2 


multichaind test -daemon

MultiChain 2.0 alpha 2 Daemon (latest protocol 20002)

Starting up node...

ERROR: Parameter set for blockchain test was generated by MultiChain running newer protocol version (1002)

Please upgrade MultiChain


Could you please help me to solve this problem

Thank you

asked Jan 30, 2018 by kevin

1 Answer

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It looks like you were using a special build that we provided you, rather than an off-the-shelf version. (I don't know what company you are from.) If so, as I believe we explained when we delivered this special build, it creates chains that are incompatible with public releases and is for development testing only.
answered Jan 30, 2018 by MultiChain