"prev block not found" error

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In multichain debug.log I sometimes see logs like:
2023-11-29 20:29:37 ERROR: AcceptBlockHeader : prev block not found
2023-11-29 20:29:37 ERROR: ProcessNewBlock : AcceptBlock FAILED

What does it exactly mean?

I have already seen such errors in my multichain logs but since two days they happens much more often (even several times per hour). Such errors are treated as misbehaving and cause that banscore is increasing quickly and ends up in banning all (or nearly all) other multichain nodes and leads to network instability.
What can be a reason for it?



asked Nov 30, 2023 by manix

1 Answer

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We're still investigating this issue, but as a workaround for now, please restart all nodes with this extra option:


This will use an older version of the message handler which is somewhat slower, but we believe will resolve this issue. Please let us know if this helps?

answered Dec 4, 2023 by MultiChain