Relation of Block creation and Number of Transactions

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I am running a node on my machine and using default configuration parameters. Each time , I perform single (only one) transaction, I see the increase in number of blocks using "getinfo" command. My multichain version is 2.1.2. From where these ghost blocks are coming. 

asked Mar 29, 2021 by Maheen

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This sounds like normal behavior – if there is a transaction waiting to be confirmed, a block will be generated to confirm it, even if there are no other transactions. And there can also be further blocks on top just to secure the previous blocks – see the mine-empty-rounds runtime parameter.

answered Mar 30, 2021 by MultiChain
We have set  mine-empty-rounds=0, and block creation time to 1 minute, but still after every minute a block is mined even if there are no transactions during that minute. So we still get empty blocks. We want block to mined only if thee are transactions present and avoid empty blocks.
Please see the following note in the documentation on the mine-empty-rounds parameter: This is ignored during the setup phase or if target-adjust-freq>0, and can be overridden by each node using the mineemptyrounds runtime parameter.