I can't get rpc calls to work, please help

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So I have tried hosting a chain on both a virtual machine and a dedicated machine. "multichaind chain1@[ip-address]:[port]" is able to connect without issues in both cases, but when I use the C# lib it just keeps giving me an "RPC request failed" issue.

var client = new MultiChainClient("", 7405, false, "multichainrpc", "Bi5CkFhoFTk3RG6nnNz3D1ZiHX6t3ZNcY4GQnBPwCe1d", "infoChain");

An interesting thing is that if I visit "" while the daemon is running I always get a "ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" and closing the deamon changes this message to "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED". 

I am connecting from a PC on the same network with the ip address of to an ubuntu machine running with the following multichain-conf.



Any suggestions?

asked Feb 4, 2016 by anonymous

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Thanks for the question. Since we didn't write the C# library, may I suggest you reach out to its developer? The URL is: https://github.com/PbjCloud/MultiChainLib
answered Feb 4, 2016 by MultiChain