Whats the simplest way of moving nodes

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What is the simplest way of moving three nodes to different servers, different IP etc. They are in a round robin mining setup and I want to shut the three down, move each one to a new server and then bring them back up as if nothing has happened.

Are there permissions/commands would I use to re-establish their connection/permissions and have them continue on?
asked Sep 20, 2023 by MaSsv
Update: I opted for the move one node at a time. Bring it up, let it connect to others, and then do the next one. I waited for a round-robin round to occur before moving the next node, as an added precaution.

Moving node from windows to linux was error-free.

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The simplest option is to use the "Full state backup and restore" process documented on this page:


Except you'd be restoring the node to a new server, rather than the old one. If you move one node at a time, it will automatically connect to the previous ones and then make them aware of its new IP address, since the other nodes' IP addresses are stored on disk.

But if you move them all at once, you can use the addnode command to reestablish connections.

answered Sep 21, 2023 by MultiChain 1 flag
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