How to lock a Stream from new transaction

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I am running Mutlichain with Stream transaction, how can I issue a JSON-RPC API to "block" a stream from receiving new transaction ?
or block peer node from publishing to a particular stream ?

Thank you
asked Aug 28, 2023 by Moke Kwai Cheong

1 Answer

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Assuming the stream was not created as open to all for writing, you can remove write permissions from the appropriate blockchain address.
answered Aug 29, 2023 by MultiChain
What is the JSON-RPC API command to be issued to request another stream peer node/address to unsubscribe from this stream?
Subscribing/unsubscribing is a decision made by each node, so other nodes cannot force this. You could of course set up a stream as a messaging system to make requests to unsubscribe, but this cannot be enforced. (In MultiChain Enterprise there are stream read permissions which do allow enforcement.)