Raspberry SBC node solely for IoT data capturing

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I am running opensource/free version of Multichain on computers and Raspberry Single-Board-Computer (SBC).

However the Raspberry SBC(s) are limited in computing, memory, and storage hence,
can I publish IoT sensor data from Raspberry SBCs, for example: multichain-cli xxx-chain publish xxx-stream key value, but the transaction data to be stored in full-fledged computers (Multichain nodes).
The justification is to reduce the computing and storage stress on Raspberry SBC, they are used solely for ioT data capturing.
asked Aug 13, 2023 by Moke Kwai Cheong

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You should publish the stream data offline for this purpose, and then it won't be stored in the blockchain, and will only be retrieved by nodes that are subscribed to the stream.
answered Aug 14, 2023 by MultiChain