Multisig addresses and balances [closed]

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I have created a 1-2 multisignature address by using the addmultisigaddress command in both wallets that they contain these addresses.

When I ask the balance with getaddressbalance I get a result only in one of the two nodes. The other one returns an empty result.

I have to note here that the validateaddress command returns the same results in both nodes. The same with "getaddresses true" command (obviously I am talking about the multisigaddress and not the rest)

The second node that can see the balance of that multisig address had send some assets in that address, but that shouldn't be a problem.

From the second node I had created, signed, and send a transaction via the multisig address.
closed with the note: Misued of listunspent command
asked Jan 29, 2016 by ealkalai
closed Jan 29, 2016 by ealkalai