information about multisigaddress' addresses

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I would like to get the corresponding (single-signature-)addresses of a given multisigaddress. getaddresses true shows only the individual addresses if the multisigaddress was generated at the node with the pubkeys via addmultisigaddress. They are not shown when imported via importaddress.

importaddress and then getaddresses true gives me "addresses":[] - an empty list.


Is there any possibility for a node to get the addresses of any multisigaddress?


Using addmultisigaddress requires the pubkeys. So if the solution is to use addmultisigaddress with the pubkeys isn't really a solution because I don't know the addresses to ask for their pubkeys...


Thank you for enlightenment!




asked Sep 4, 2018 by zolar

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I'm afraid there's no way to do this because a multisig address does not actually contain the individual addresses within. It is a one-way hash of a script which contains those addresses, and like any such hash, it cannot be reversed. Sorry about that.
answered Sep 5, 2018 by MultiChain
selected Sep 6, 2018 by zolar
Alright - thanks for your answer! I'll most likely use a stream to resolve the addresses then...