Creating raw trasactions offline using pybitcointools.

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Ok, so I'm trying to create the raw transaction offline using this python lib:

For bitcoin tx I'm feeding the serialiser the following to create the Tx hexstring:

{'locktime': 0, 'version': 1,
            'value': 990000, 'script': 'a914cf17f42454bb7e9159a99de401eb188c129d701487',
    'ins': [{'sequence': 4294967295, 'outpoint': {'index': 0, 'hash': '45b1314a725432a6121a52798ed5e5882c99407d2dd8eef9174a2dc7e6c180cd'}, 'script': ''}]}


what is the multichain network expecting the value to be in order to transact assets and native currency?


Something like

{"":3, "bankpoints":12.0}} ??
asked Jan 28, 2016 by nicosandller

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You need to express any assets as OP_DROP metadata inside the output script. The format is fully documented here and you can also use createrawtransaction to see some examples.

answered Jan 28, 2016 by MultiChain
Thanks for the reply.

I undertand the problem then is in the library. is there any multichain-compatible library to work with multichain, or a fork of the pybitcointools with supports the multichain?
Not, yet - no. But you always have the option of using MultiChain's createrawtransaction API to build the transaction.