adding meta data, help using cli and appendrawmetadata

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I cant get this to run without an error. What's CDATA in JSON?

chain2: appendrawmetadata 17dcd96f47c820759f3475894e81b2d6f5957ceec7f0b9b855432b6638d880bc 48656C6C6F20576F726C64210A

error: {"code":-1,"message":"CDataStream::read() : end of data"}
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asked Jan 28, 2016 by Mark Lester

1 Answer

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The first parameter to appendrawmetadata is not a txid but rather a raw transaction, as created by createrawtransaction. You can see this answer for more details, or also consider using a higher-level API like sendwithmetadata if that would work in your case.

answered Jan 28, 2016 by MultiChain