asset sent, but cannot reach the address in the other node ?

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what I did are:

I have 2 nodes connected, be able to sent asset back and forth between address. so I try to revoke the connect permission from wallet address of the other node and then try to send the same asset to address in another node. what happen is the asset has been deducted from first node but nothing gain on the other node. Is it the expected behavior or is it a bug.
asked Dec 29, 2017 by veyhong

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It sounds like the expected behavior. If the second node's connect permissions has been revoked, it will lose its connection to other nodes in the network, and therefore not see this new transaction coming in which sends it the asset. You can confirm that it has no peer connections using the getpeerinfo command.

answered Dec 29, 2017 by MultiChain
but the asset of the sender node is deducted? where is it gone?
It still belongs to the address of the other node. It's just that this other node cannot see that fact, because it is disconnected from the network. If you add the second node's address (without its private key) to the first node using importaddress, the first node will be able to see that balance.
so if we wanted that balance back we must add the address that we sent before, and sent back the asset? can u explain the behavior? is it by default like bitcoin too?
You need to distinguish between two things – the state of the blockchain, and what a particular node knows about that state. According to the state of the blockchain, the asset is already transferred, so there's no need to send it again. But the second node does not know this, because it lost connect permissions and has been disconnected from the rest of the network. It needs to be given connect permissions again, and to reconnect, then it will automatically see the new balance.
my second node is already connected to the network and it is running on the seed or admin node, getpeerinfo shows an empty list on the admin node. I gave the second node connect send and receive permissions explicitly but then also, when the transfer is made , second node's balance is not update.
Rather it is going to the admin node itself and updating the imported address balance of the second node , and second node doesnt gets the updated balances. Can you please suggest how to make connections between that admin node and second node so that when I trigger the getpeerinfo command on the admin node , I am able to see the second node connected there ?
Appreciate your help on this !!
Check your firewall settings, so the nodes can connect to each other, then use the addnode API.