Again smart contracts

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Hi, i see that many peoples interesting about smart contracts in multichain. But as i read, you dont planing to implement it to multichain.

In all questions, you are asking about "What do you want to do with smart contract, maybe you dont need them".

So for example i'll try to explain why i need smart contract, and i'll ask you can i do it with assets, stream and etc. without smart contract?

For example, i need some payment system. Peoples will pay for watching movie. For coins i'm planing to use assets. When client click button "Start watching", smart contract check if he has coins for pay, if he have, he will get url for watching.

If i used Ethereum, i stored link in smart contract, and i dont need main node for sending link to client.

But with multichain i cant do it, and even if i storing links inside stream, clients can read stream and don pay for it.
asked Dec 26, 2017 by nezzard

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Thanks for this question. I'm afraid this is another example where smart contracts won't help you because anyone who is running a blockchain node has a copy of the link anyway, and can easily steal it from the blockchain. More information on why this (and other smart contract ideas) won't work:
answered Dec 27, 2017 by MultiChain