Are tokens a good use case for MultiChain?

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I want to create an app where end users can buy and sell tokens and exchange them for services through a web application. However, I dont envisage each of the end user running a multichaind node themselves, but a few key stakeholders (service providers) will run their own multichaind nodes (and could act as miners).

Is MultiChain a good fit for such an application?

How should I architect this use case - Should I have one node which holds the addresses of all end users (besides the service providers who will run their own node) and transact on their behalf?
asked Dec 23, 2017 by nshah

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You can have nodes in the network managing users' addresses and private keys on their behalf, but this means the users are forced to trust these nodes to look after their funds.

Alternatively users can maintain their own private keys, with the nodes just tracking their addresses as "watch-only addresses" address with the importaddress command. See here for more information:

answered Dec 24, 2017 by MultiChain