multichain-web-demo Error: HTTP 0 http://:/

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Dear Multichain,

I installed one chain (chain1's name) and one node on two EC2 in aws amazon (ubuntu 16.04).

 The chain1 runs very well with commands with ssh, multichain-explorer (but, if I close ssh session, it don't run), and blockmade (very good!, but, it's necessary to insert the label in the addresses...and other...for to be understood by my clients...).

My problem is only with multichain-web-demo.

I installed in /var/www/html/multichain-web-demo in the same server where there is the chain1. I changed the config.txt in config.php and update functions.php, (see

While with config.txt the multichain-web-demo was without date (only interface), now with the config.php I found the "Error: HTTP 0 http://:/".

I already studied and tried the solutions in this Q&A, but it's don't run.

I tried to change the ip (server ip or in the multichain.conf and config.php), but it's don't run.

I checked the security group and I inserted the right rpcport.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you

asked Dec 20, 2017 by gianluca
Hi Gianluca,

What is blockmade?


It's new online service where you find a new interface of multichain.

It's very good, but it's need to set the informations (addresses with labels, ect.).

By Gianluca

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Please try using the MultiChain Web Demo without that user-submitted modification to the code base, since we have not verified it. And ensure you have set up all the parameters (rpcport, rpcuser, rpcpassword) according to the documentation. If your web server and MultiChain node are on the same AWS instance, you do not need to change any IP addresses in configurations.

answered Dec 21, 2017 by MultiChain
Thank you very much!

Now it's runs, but I have stopped my 2 EC2 istances and they restarted and I reinstalled multichain-web-demo, after I open my chain1.

Now I study the multichain-web-demo.

By, Gianluca