Can't get to work on my macbook pro

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Hello everyone, I am trying to get this to run on my 2017 Macbook Pro. It is running MacOS Monterey 12.2.1

TBH the instructions do not seem very clear. I have tried to follow them a couple diff ways and still not getting it to work. I do got xcode already installed as well as homebrew. I was just able to get Git to clone Multichain. Not sure where To put v8 at.

Is there any better source for installing on a mac? or is it not avail for Monterey?


Where does the ./ file come from? It can not find it
asked May 17, 2023 by DeFiRidge

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As you probably know, the instructions for compiling for Mac are here:

You need to expand the macos-v8.tar.gz file in the v8build directory you created in the instructions.

The file is in the multichain directory, again this will work if you follow the instructions step-by-step.

answered May 18, 2023 by MultiChain
selected May 18, 2023 by DeFiRidge