ways to monitor transactions through a connected node?

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We are looking at ways to charge for api access or connect access to a chain, by monitoring how many transactions have been used per month. Is there any method to be able to track the transactions made through an address, after it has been granted connect permissions? We can do this using our own API, but if someone wanted to create an app on top of a node, then it would be easier to give them access directly.
asked Dec 11, 2017 by mark

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If you want to track how many transactions started on a particular node, where the transactions are not identifiable by their signatures or sending address, then it is quite difficult. The problem is that in a peer-to-peer network, there is no really reliable way to know there a transaction started in the network.

If you're able to identify transctions based on signatures and sending addresses, it's quite a lot easy. Use something like getblock [block hash or height] 4 to see every transaction in a block, then you can analyze those transactions to your heart's content.

answered Dec 12, 2017 by MultiChain