Listing MC client created assets on exchanges

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What is the easiest way to be able to list obviously via API on various exchanges? As that is one feature of having a MC type blockchain which issues all types of assets become more valuable.


asked Dec 2, 2017 by AITCA
I don't really understand the question – surely each exchange will have its own way of determining how to list assets or currencies? Can you explain in more detail what you're looking for?


Yes do we tell our client to point them to our main API keys or? My general question is how if clients wish to list assets they create on our MC blockchain and wish to trade them on regular exchanges, what information will we need to make them aware of to do so is my question. What of all the general criteria that exchanges look for does MC chains have so that our clients can feel confident issuing assets that they can place on exchanges for trading.

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OK, I understand the question now. I think the most important pieces of information an exchange would need are:

  • To understand that this is an asset running on a MultiChain blockchain, and that MultiChain is very similar to and compatible with Bitcoin Core, the reference implementation of the bitcoin network.
  • The exchange would need to run their own MultiChain node for the blockchain on which the asset exists. So they would need to be given the nodeaddress (from getinfo) of an existing node for the initial connection.
  • Whether this is an open or closed MultiChain blockchain. If closed, who they should contact to get permissioned to connect, send and receive.
  • The name of the asset/s in question, or whether it's the native blockchain currency that should be listed on the exchange.
answered Dec 4, 2017 by MultiChain