MC Token Creation FREE vs ENTERPRISE

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I have a simple question.

If a client wants to pay me to set up a Multichain node and "mint" tokens on Multichain that he can sell to investors that is backed by physical assets (such as real estate)...

...can I do this with the FREE version of Multichain or will I have to upgrade to the Enterprise or Commercial version?

Keep in mind the client will be PAYING ME to set this up for him. He will market the tokens himself; he just needs a "blockchain developer" to set up the Multichain on a VPS and mint the tokens according to his specifications.

Thanks. As always, Multichain is a GREAT platform. I love it!

asked Jul 21, 2020 by Pavon

1 Answer

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It doesn't sound like you need a commercial license for this purpose, but you can check the conditions here:
answered Jul 23, 2020 by MultiChain