Setup a mining pool for a blockchain created using MultiChain

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I am working on my college project and multichian is perfect for my project. I need to implement a mining pool for my chain which i created using multichian . I came upon some problems which are referenced in this question :
As you are aware that multichain doesn't provide the "getblockteplate" json-rpc so i searched on the web and multichian website and found that multichain's "getblock" is almost similar to "getblocktemplate".
I am using NOMP ( ) to setup the pool for testing. I changed the RPC call inside the code of NOMP to make it work with "getblock". It calls the "getblock" but returns this error : error: { code: -1, message: 'value is type obj, expected str' }. In the developers section on the website, it is written to report any code -1 errors to the devs.

This is my RPC call  : _this.daemon.cmd('getblock', [ { "params" : [blockNumber, "4"] } ], function(results){ console.log(results); });

Also there is no "coinbaseaux" in the "getblock" rpc and pools require that too.
If you can help me out, I'll be really thankful :)
asked Nov 29, 2017 by baapuji
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Hello, baapuji,

I saw a question on the Multichain Q&A bulletin board about the mining pool.
I am trying to connect a mining pool to Multichain, but there are many troubles to work.

Have you succeeded in Multichain and a mining pool integration?

Thanks in advance.

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I'm afraid we haven't invested in implementing support for mining pools in MultiChain, because this is not currently the type of use case the product is focused on. Sorry about that.
answered Nov 29, 2017 by MultiChain