question on dumpprivkey and importprivkey

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i have a private blockchain running on one node and there are various addresses in wallet of that node .if i connect a second node to blockchain and using dumpprivkey on 1st node and importprivkey on the 2nd node .i have imported the address on second node but i am unable to see the transactions that are done through this addresses to other addresses  on 2nd node(can see from 1st node) .Please help .Thank you
asked Nov 15, 2017 by simran

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FIrst you need to check the nodes are actually connected to each other and in sync. For example look at the blocks field of getinfo on both nodes.

Second after importing the private key into the 2nd node, you need to make sure you didn't pass a false value for the rescan parameter, which would prevent the node identifying old transactions using the address for that private key. If you did do this, you can stop MultiChain, then re-run it with the -rescan parameter.

answered Nov 15, 2017 by MultiChain