Difference between Multichain and Cosmos(Tindermint)

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        What is the difference between Multichain and Cosmos(Tindermint)? Is the working principle same? In case of Cosmos, there are multiple parallel blockchain running and they can communicate with each other via BCI. In multichain, can we do similar actions. I would like to work on multiple blockchains working in parallel and all the Blockchains are independent with each other. In this case, will it be a permissioned or permissionless blockchain.


asked Nov 9, 2017 by rakez

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As far as we know, Tendermint is a library for building blockchain-style applications, whereas MultiChain is a full standalone blockchain platform. But some of the underlying concepts are the same.

If you want to have multiple chains working independently in parallel, you can freely choose whether each is permissioned or permissionless.
answered Nov 9, 2017 by MultiChain
First of all thank you for your response.
If the independent blockchains want to communicate after some time then is it possible like in case of cosmos' 'IBC'.
 If I use permissionless BC then i think I can use PoW however if I use permissioned BC then what will be the consensus mechanism, there is diversity mining in Multichain but does it use BFT.
Yes, MultiChain's consensus mechanism is Byzantine fault tolerant, in that it can tolerate one or a small number of validator nodes behaving maliciously.