error: multichaind: command not found

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anju@DESKTOP-FFAFKFO:~/multichain-2.3.1-enterprise-demo$ multichain-util create chainx

MultiChain 2.3.1 Utilities (latest protocol 20013)

Blockchain parameter set was successfully generated.
You can edit it in /home/anju/.multichain/chainx/params.dat before running multichaind for the first time.

To generate blockchain please run "multichaind chainx -daemon".
anju@DESKTOP-FFAFKFO:~/multichain-2.3.1-enterprise-demo$ multichaind chainx -daemon
multichaind: command not found
asked Jan 24, 2023 by anju

1 Answer

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If you are in the directory of the downloads, and didn't yet move them to the /usr/local/bin directory, you should run the commands using:


answered Jan 24, 2023 by MultiChain