No unspent output with issue permission for imported keys

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I am using Bitcoin type private keys and addresses in a chain. I created a private key and address outside of Multichain, then used importaddress, then importprivkey and sent 100 native currency to that address from another node...using getmultibalances <address> shows i have 100 of the native currency. Then i tried to issue a new asset and got the message

No unspent output with issue permission

I sent an equal amount from the other node to the address created by Multichain, and no problems to create an asset

What do we need to do to allow imported private keys to create assets?

I searched a bit, and found posts about sending transactions of 0 amount to that address so it has some UTXO to that we need to do in this case?...It was a brand new chain, so I suspect this might be the case..
asked Oct 14, 2017 by mark
edited Oct 14, 2017 by mark
What version are you running this on? There was a bug relating to this that we fixed at some point recently.
version 10009, latest can see the chain params linked at the top of the post here..

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You could just import the private keys into the assests right?  or create an assest and import the info to it or a stream.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by muslimsoap
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Are you sure you granted issue permissions to this imported address? You can also take a look using listpermissions issue to see which addresses are on the list.

answered Oct 16, 2017 by MultiChain