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Hi team,

For the past 5 hours I've been trying to debug my test framework for an application. Multichain always gave an error when one of the nodes tried to make a new multsignature address.

The error was "No unspent output with activate or admin permission" but I couldn't figure out what was going on since all nodes had admin permissions (for a local chain for testing this is fine).

I drew inspiration from a different blockchain technology's test script where it was waiting for confirmations. My blockheight was 3 at the time of all tests. So I decided to put a wait for 10 seconds between each test, now it works.

I couldn't find any documentation regarding these confirmations. Could you please be more clear about this in the documentation?

asked Nov 22, 2017 by anonymous
Please show the API command you were running which gave this "No unspent output with activate or admin permission" error, since it's surprising that this can happen when creating a multisignature address.
I looked into what my colleague was testing. The sequence of calls are as followed:
create the addressBook stream
create the multisigAddress stream
grant the burn address some permissions
getinfo on node 2
getinfo on node 3
publish info about node 2 to the addressBook
publish info about node 3 to the addressBook
grant send, receive and issue to node 2
create a stream for messages between node 2 and 3
create a multisignature address on node 2
create a multisignature address on node 3
publish a new item under key [multisig address] in the multisignature stream
retrieve the multisignature address
import the multisig address on node 2
import the multisig address on node 3

I believe it broke on creating the multisignature address on node 2. We made a chain locally + 2 extra nodes in a different folder and set the following on "anyone-can-": send, receive, activate, admin, connect.

All these above calls are executed immediately after connecting with about 200ms between them, so they are all in the same block.

I'll look into it further later. We solved it for now by putting 15 seconds wait in between the calls that broke the test. We're also looking into a more efficient way of checking when to continue. I read something about checking the latest transaction for confirmations with "getwallettransaction", but I haven't had time to try that out yet.
Thanks for this, but it would be really helpful to see the actual API call you made which gave this "No unspent output with activate or admin permission" error.

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