Multichain on ARM Architecture

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Hello Multichain Team,

I plan to install multichain on ARMv7 architecture (Freescale's IMx6Q-SABRE SDB), could you please guide me with the compilation instructions?

(This is interesting because if multichain works with ARM architecture then we have whole new possibilities of what blockchain can do with an embedded system!)
asked Oct 11, 2017 by Varun

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I'm afraid we don't currently support this, but if you search this Q&A forum you'll see some instructions from people that have appeared to succeed in compiling it for ARM64.
answered Oct 12, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Oct 12, 2017 by Varun
Do you plan to support it anytime soon ? I mean in next one year or something ?
Compilation on ARM64 worked well. I guess your team can now roll out the support for ARM64 as well.
Thanks for letting us know. We can't yet formally support this because we don't have the testing infrastructure in place, but it's good news nonetheless!
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You can compile the program for the Arm Architecture provided you supply the proper binaries for the chip. That chip is great for video and cellphones.  But you would be looking at supporting it for a year or more.  Not just supporting a nice thought.

I like the idea. But seems unsupported for now, but possible in the near future.
answered Oct 14, 2017 by muslimsoap
For ARM32, it did not compile but for ARM64, it compiled well and was working flawlessly.
Hi Varun,
Please can you tell what steps you followed to deploy multichain on arm, because I am trying to do a similar setup on raspberrypi3 b+ , with ubuntu mate os 64.
Hi Cyril,
First you need to download the MultiChain source code from git. Follow the instructions given on git to compile it. After compilation, you will have 3 binary executable files(as far as I remember),

For deployment, follow the same tutorial given on MultiChain website except the initial part of downloading because you already have executable files compiled.

Remember, the executable files available on MultiChain site won't work on arm. You have to get them through compilation only.
Hi Varun,
I have a brand new RPi4 equipped with 2GB memory so I'm looking fwd trying and  compiling it with the 64os available up to now, that is raspbian or ubuntu mate.

This would help my project because I'll be available to widen my network providing my customers a cheap hw that they can use as an entry point for the multichain network.

Did anyone test successfully the compiling process on RPi4 yet? In case I will succedd, I will share my experience.

Thanks in advance

From my experience, I tried compiling it on ARM64 and it worked. As RPi4 has 64bit architecture, the compilation should work.

Is there anything I need to pay attention to regarding the dependency installation of the arrch64 architecture? I refer to the Linux installation dependencies in GitHub but it doesn't work.