Trying to run second node on behalf of another node

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I am trying to create a second node with full admin permissions(admin,mine,connect) and all addresses and private keys that are in the first node that can act on behalf of another node. I require this in a very specific scenario and understand the risks involved.

I have tried the following:

  • Create wallet backup using backupwallet [filename]
  • Import wallet backup using importwallet [filename]

This only imported all addresses with mine:true, this i expected. All data is there at the time like balances and addresses.

However, I have no permissions for said addresses on this second node, I have to grant permissions again(send/receive).

Transactions are now seperated from the rest of the network, for example:

  • Node 1(original node) sends assets to an address which is now in both nodes but Node2(new node), has an imported wallet, the transaction only appears in node 1 and not in node 2.

  • Anything i do in Node1 does not reflect in Node2 and vice versa.

I am not sure if this is mining not happening or the way i imported the data but it does not show in node 2 when checking with listaddresstransactions.

There seems to be a case where the two nodes are not disconnected and do not share data anymore nor do they mine each others data even though they are connected to each other.

Could this be because i imported the wallet and now both act independantly or have i simply imported the data incorrectly and now there is an inconsistancy?

asked Oct 2, 2017 by RobertJ

1 Answer

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This sounds like the nodes are not connected to each other – do they show up in each other's getpeerinfo?

answered Oct 2, 2017 by MultiChain