Restrict rpc calls, at least disable critical ones

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The idea is to provide mutlichain as a service and expose the rpc endpoint to the user (secured by some mechanism to authenticate).

But in my opinion there are some calls that should not be exposed over rpc. At the moment every user with rpc access can:

- Shutdown the node

- read the private key of the wallet

- do upgrades

- and the worst: is able to encrypt the wallet

The if we expose multichain to some users, a single user can completely destroy the node.

I would expect that rpc users can only do non harmful calls, like using the wallet, but not really own the wallet.


Is there some best practice / workaround?



asked Sep 21, 2017 by Alexoid

1 Answer

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We have this kind of multitenant security in the long term roadmap but it's not implemented yet. For now you need to build an intermediate layer that applies these sorts of rules.
answered Sep 21, 2017 by MultiChain