negative amount problem

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I am glad to know multichain.
I am doing various tests.
However, I recently initialized and rebuilt the block chain.
After several dozen transfers, the amount will be negative.

"amount" : -0.10000000,
    "fee" : 0.00000000,
    "confirmations" : 1,
    "blockhash" : "000000085aafe18a11320ae95d62f31c0f3404384d43f5ca134a9f6517d69d33",
    "blockindex" : 1,
    "blocktime" : 1505798496,
    "txid" : "17b4a1f77e16dfcd079d10b0694a4cb2aab687ee955d67d8c340c0fe42306883",
    "walletconflicts" : [
    "valid" : true,
    "time" : 1505798478,
    "timereceived" : 1505798478,
    "details" : [
            "account" : "",
            "address" : "HFADs1XUCTeRwSLPqL4nswwF921mKtKEaP",
            "category" : "send",
            "amount" : -0.10000000,
            "vout" : 0,
            "fee" : 0.00000000

All values sent from two nodes are negative.
The balance for each node decreases.
The balance on the receiving side does not change.

In what situations can this happen?
How do I remove this symptom?


Thank you for sharing great software.
asked Sep 19, 2017 by jae min lee
This looks like the output from some old Bitcoin Core APIs rather than MultiChain's listwallettransactions or listaddresstransactions. Please show an example of the API command you run to send the funds, and the output you see from these MultiChain APIs on both nodes (you need only show the most recent transaction for each).

1 Answer

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I guess I was mistaken when I did a lot of load test.
Thank you for answer.
answered Sep 20, 2017 by Jae Min Lee