Multichain: Transactions

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Hello, I have a questions.

Is it possible to see specific transactions in Mulitchain Explorer (

Transactions are hidden in the standard?

What should I do to be visible?

How can I see the history of my transactions? Is there any solution in the API?

asked Sep 14, 2017 by anonymous

1 Answer

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You can use listaddresstransactions to get transactions specific to an address. See for more information on the params of this particular call.

answered Sep 14, 2017 by RobertJ
Yes, but is there an option to see an authorized operation from another node? listaddresstransactions works very well but within one node. Is there some way or not?
To see transactions for a particular address from a different node you must first use *importaddress* then you can use *listaddresstransactions* to see transactions for that address.
Is there any option to add all addresses? eg. *importaddress [ALL]* - Any idea?
If you want to query all the transactions in the blockchain, try using getblock with verbose=4, and iterating through the blocks.

But how do I specify the verbose parameter?

./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 verbose=4
- did not work

./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 -verbose=4
- did not work

./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 --verbose=4
- did not work

./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 verbose 4
- did not work

./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 - works well, but I have no idea how to add verbose.

How should I do this?
./multichain-cli blockchain3 getblock 61 4
- works well :)