Does all nodes recieve the transactions at the same time

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Does Multi-chain framework send transactions (keys in a stream) in a quick manner to all nodes, in a critical scenario?

The requirement is that the transaction should arrive quickly to all nodes in the exact same order and in exact same time, provided the nodes are reliably connected.
asked Jan 15, 2019 by sha

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Yes, new transactions will propagate quickly to all nodes. However there is no guarantee that they will arrive in the exact same order and time. This is a challenge in all distributed systems, and it is the job of the blockchain to create a unified ordering with timestamps, but this does not happen immediately with transaction propagation.
answered Jan 15, 2019 by MultiChain
Thank you for your swift reply.
'but this does not happen immediately with transaction propagation' , sorry I didn't get the context here.
Transactions have two stages – unconfirmed, where the transaction on its own has reached a node, and confirmed, where the block containing the transaction has reached a node. Unconfirmed transactions can be in different orders on different nodes. Confirmed transactions are already in their finalized order (unless you were unlucky and there has been a fork, so for certainty you should wait for a few confirmations, as shown in the "confirmations" field in various APIs).
Thank you for your clear explanation.
Can I use Multichain for the sole purpose of data transfer to all nodes and a main system ?, ie., same data has to be recieved by all nodes in the exact same order created. Security is not my requirement.
Thank you.
Yes, you can use MultiChain for this, if you don't mind waiting to be sure of the final ordering of the items. But you can just as easily use regular database replication, if there's only one source of the information, so it's not clear how a blockchain will provide you with added value.