Stream created on one node is not visible on another node

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I created a stream "attributes" on one node with following command create stream attributes true. I provided write permission to another node using following command "grant 1Usc8WE2XeLzovxn2MP6GowHJva4vULrRUrfW7 attributes.write" , however when i am checking the stream on second node using liststreams, attributes stream is not shown. When i am checking the liststreams and listpermissions attributes.* on first node i can see the stream and also second node address has the write permission on attributes stream.  I am sure what is happening and need your support in resolving this

asked Sep 10, 2017 by Amit

1 Answer

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Are you sure the nodes are actually connected to each other, and are on the same blockchain? You can use getpeerinfo and getblockchainparams to check. A firewall or other network issue may be preventing the nodes from maintaining a connection.

answered Sep 11, 2017 by MultiChain
Yes i can see the stream created earlier on both the nodes but now i have tried to create three different streams and none of them are visible on the second node. Any help greatly appreciated
Did you check that the nodes are connected to each other (getpeerinfo) and that they are updating their block counts in sync (getinfo)?