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I have a node (say, node1) running on a specific network and rpc port (7333, 7332). I generated a new address and granted it connect, send, receive permissions.

Then, did "dumpprivkey my_address" to get the corresponding private key.

I tried to connect to this chain by starting another node (say, node2) on a different network and rpc ports, and this was my command

"multichaind testchain1@ -datadir=~/.multichain-other-5 -port=10333 -rpcport=10332 initprivkey=V8odv8EBR6F91qGfNZdsHiWXqmiZLJH1TGWmQyHGbtQSyWH1u6E21twv -daemon

The input to initprivkey was exactly the same as the output of dumpprivkey on node1. Still this second node generates a new random address. Am I sending the argument incorrectly or doing something else wrongly?
asked Sep 6, 2017 by amolpednekar

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First you need to be running MultiChain 1.0 beta 2 or later for this option to work.

Second, it seems you're missing the hyphen before initprivkey on the command line.

answered Sep 6, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 7, 2017 by amolpednekar
Cant believe I missed that detail! Thanks! :)
No problem, glad it's resolved.