Own blockchain with own private coin integration to PHP application

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Need to create own blockchain with own private coin [eg VCOIN]. To integrate to my PHP application.

Kindly guide, how to install multichain to my server.  How coin to be configured and wallet created.  What are the servers needed, its configuration.

Steps to integrate Private coin to own multichain and private coin to PHP application.
asked Sep 5, 2017 by Meyyammai

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There are a lot of questions here, and we recommend you get started here on the MultiChain website:


answered Sep 6, 2017 by MultiChain
We have installed the multi chain in 2 server one is  Wiredtree and another one is Amazon AWS server.

Using putty we have installed the multi-chain and created a node.

We are facing connection issue.

Error code -5 means RPC_INVALID_ADDRESS_OR_KEY an invalid address, Public Key or Private Key was passed as parameter..

How to fix the error and what is the reason for this error?
You would need to show the full output of the API call you made so we can understand what went wrong. But we recommend starting from the API documentation which will probably help guide you here:

We have rectified the invalid address key error.  We have created two nodes and checked the send / receive transactions.

How own coin and wallet will be created and integrated to multichain?

How to integrate multichain to my application?
Please take a detailed look at all the developer documentation on the MultiChain website, which covers these topics in depth.
How to integrate nodes to my php application?  Any sample codes for it.
You can execute commands from the shell level in PHP - exec() and download what returns multichain.
You may find this third party PHP library a good place to start: https://github.com/Kunstmaan/libphp-multichain