When connecting to a new node, is there anyway for the 'seed' node to automatically grant permissions

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I am working building a local installation of Multichain w/ a local wallet.  Exactly like the Bitcoin Core client (where the client installs BTC-blockchain locally, and then the GUI communicates with the local blockchain).

I see that when a 'new node (node2)' connects to an existing node (node 1), you must grant permissions on node1 so that node2 can communicate with node1.  

the command that must be ran on node1 to grant permissions to 'new nodes' such as this newly added node2 is: multichain-cli chain1 grant <wallet-address-of-node> <permissions, connect, send, receive>


My question is, is there anyway to automate this process so that you do not need to manually except each 'new' node in node1 and grant permissions whenever a new node comes online?
asked Sep 1, 2017 by jward01

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You can just set a blockchain to use anyone-can-connect=true to avoid the need to grant connect permissions.

answered Sep 1, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Sep 1, 2017 by jward01