Link to Blocks or chains in block explorer don't work?

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If you click on Chain  - or Blocks (currently showing there as 159 latest block), they both give message

"Sorry, /chain1/blocks does not exist on this server."

We have the explorer on one machine, the master node on other machine and 2 slave nodes on 2 different machines. All seems fine so far, managed to create assets, give permissions, send with data, set up mining ..maybe we missed something on setup that caused the above?


asked Aug 28, 2017 by mark

1 Answer

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I think i found the answer to my own question...there is a "%20" that should be just before the chain name...if i add that then it works...that's a space right?..have to go back and figure out if I added a space or something stupid..;)

update: there were 2 chains listed in the sqlite db (one was " chain1" and the other "chain1" - I just stopped the explorer (killed it using kill -9) deleted the sqlite db, and restarted it again..all good now..hope this helps someone in the future.
answered Aug 28, 2017 by mark
edited Aug 28, 2017 by mark
Thanks for posting this - very helpful!