grant #address connect error code: -5 error message: Invalid address

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I am setting up two CentOS VMWare servers to use for my private multichain blockchain. However, after successfullly initializing the blockchain on Server2, I see the wallet address provided on the command prompt. For example:
# multichaind chain1@

MultiChain 1.0 Daemon (protocol 10008)

Retrieving blockchain parameters from the seed node ...
Blockchain successfully initialized.

Please ask blockchain admin or user having activate permission to let you connect and/or transact:
multichain-cli chain1 grant 18yV9rLuwHkN5UpZRnzpceoWxpVikBoMoADyvK connect
multichain-cli chain1 grant 18yV9rLuwHkN5UpZRnzpceoWxpVikBoMoADyvK connect,send,receive

But when I take the provided address, and try to grant it a connect parameter on Server1, I get this error:
[root@server1 chain1]# multichain-cli chain1 grant 18yV9rLuwHkN5UpZRnzpceoWxpVikBoMoADyvK connect

error code: -5
error message:
Invalid address: 18yV9rLuwHkN5UpZRnzpceoWxpVikBoMoADyv

I have tried getting and using new addresses from Server2, but they still provide the same error. I already opened up the port/protocol (e.g., 7419) in my firewall, so I don't know if this is some firewall/security issue -- or something within Multichain I am unaware of. Do I need to reset my chain?

Any help would be great. Thanks.

asked Aug 28, 2017 by bjiles

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Are you sure you don't have two blockchains named chain1 running on the first server, perhaps one under the root user and one under a different user? Each blockchain has a separate address space, so this would be the most likely explanation.

answered Aug 28, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Aug 29, 2017 by bjiles
yes, thank you for that. I guess I mistakenly created another node address after i restarted my machine and with a different user. Thanks!
No problem, glad it got solved.