Error Code -5 Invalid Permission

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When running on a single server and tried using

multichain-cli chain -datadir=.multichain -rpcuser=admin -rpcpassword=admin grant 1Nhn4A9kN7cPrpSCcsA3gibFqpbMQxLxgwW9rm connect,send,receive 

I get an error message



error code: -5

error message:

Invalid permission


Have not seen anything on this error code....what does it mean?

asked Jan 11, 2017 by kendall

1 Answer

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You misspelled the permission receive

answered Jan 12, 2017 by MultiChain
selected Jan 12, 2017 by kendall
man o man....i was just about to delete this comment after waking up and realising the error. so embarrassing ....don't code while sleeping