Connecting blockchain to real world assets

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When dealing with two different assets say a bond, money for a DVP when mapped to a real world they impact a custody/demat account and bank/cash account. Any thoughts on how the distributed ledger can relay changes to the physical world?  I have heard the concept of selling to one-self. How does that work? e.g. use the money from the bond sale for some other purpose, sell the bond to an entity outside the private blockchain pool, etc.
asked Aug 18, 2015 by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is more of a legal question than a technical one. You could either treat the blockchain just as a record of approved transactions, which still need to be executed externally. Or you could define things so that the content of the blockchain affects ownership itself. This is the kind of thing we did in the CoinSpark asset agreement but it is not yet a proven legal model.

answered Aug 18, 2015 by MultiChain