How to sendmany?

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Hi, i can't find functions for send many  or something like that
asked Aug 1, 2017 by nezzard

1 Answer

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Your best bet for this is to use the createrawsendfrom command, something like this if you're using multichain-cli on Linux:

createrawsendfrom [from-address] '{"to-address-1":{"asset1":50},"to-address-2":{"asset2":100}}' '[]' send

answered Aug 2, 2017 by MultiChain
Thx, i found this solution's before ) I thought that exist some rpc command like sendfrom or sendmany in bitcoin core
I believe sendmany does exist in bitcoincore, but not in MultiChain due to not having accounts/wallets.
Am i understand correctly? There is no way to do something like wallet?
You are able to do something similar by simulating a wallet scenario. See for a related question.