How to stop mining empty blocks?

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Please can you exlplain me, how to stop mining of empty blocks?

I'm set mine-empty-rounds = -1  

But blocks still mining. Maybe it's because i set reward for a new blocks?
asked Jul 30, 2017 by nezzard

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You should set mine-empty-rounds to some small number which is greater or equal to zero. A negative number means mining continues indefinitely. FYI this (and other parameters) are documented here:

answered Jul 30, 2017 by MultiChain
I'm tried  to set to 0 and 1, but blocks still mined
If anyone-can-mine=true, then we know why blocks are still being mined, and this behavior will be fixed in the 1.0 production release. Otherwise, can you please post the output of getblockchainparams?
So now it works, i have another one question
I need to change some options for scale difficulty in a future? Or it works automatically?

Sorry for my bad English)
The difficulty of mining on an open blockchain adjusts automatically based on the blockchain's parameters. It's not currently possible to adjust those parameters after a chain is running - this is on the roadmap for version 2.0, now in development:
getblockchaininfo returns "difficulty" : 0.00000006, is it increase in future?
That depends on the blockchain parameters. By default MultiChain is not based on proof-of-work, but rather permissioned mining, so this will not increase. However you can set target-adjust-freq if you want the difficulty to increase.
I set target-adjust-freq to 1 how long i must to mine for check it?
And does this work with anyone can mine true?
This is a measurement in seconds, so you shouldn't use a value of 1. Try something like 86400 for one day. And yes this works with anyone-can-mine=true.