liststreamkeyitems not returning the data field

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the liststreamkeyitems command not returning the data field. it returns all other fields of an entry but not the data field. The data field is large i.e. size: 60000. is there a way to make the data show up in a query or is it too large? if too large what is the typical size limit


asked Jul 20, 2022 by anonymous

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There is a runtime parameter called maxshowndata which controls this, to prevent excessively large items creating huge API responses.

You can change the value of this runtime parameter in a number of ways, described at the top of this page:

Alternatively, you can get the item's data (or specified byte subranges if it is in binary format) by using a separate command gettxoutdata. The txid and vout parameters needed for this can be found in the response from liststreamkeyitems.

answered Jul 20, 2022 by MultiChain