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The way I understand it is all addresses generated by getNewAddress use the same private key right?

Is the keypool size limited to 100 as it is in bitcoind?

In multichaind is there any way to generate new address keypairs?

Any plans on implementing Signing-Only Wallets?

asked Dec 16, 2015 by cyb0rg
Also... how do you delete addresses?
You cannot delete addresses in MultiChain. It would be far too dangerous because people would lose their funds.
Maybe, but the address could be checked for funds before it is deleted (maybe require it to be empty to allow deletion). Some find it useful to create a new address for each transaction which would tend to clutter the address list.
Well, I'll take it as feedback and we'll think about it. Though generally in a permissioned blockchain people don't use a larger number of different addresses.

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Each address from getnewaddress uses a different private key, i.e. it creates a new key pair, just as in Bitcoin Core. The keypool size is not the maximum number of keys, just the number of keys it pre-generates and caches for future use.

I'm not sure what you mean by a signing only wallet - can you explain?

answered Dec 17, 2015 by MultiChain
So MultiChain can already work in this way, sitting on an offline node and signing transactions. It should also work fine with any hardware wallet designed to work with bitcoin, because it's the same underlying cryptography (we add some extra version bytes to public addresses but that's easily worked around). Does that answer your question?
Yes you have, thank you very much.