can Issue permission create a new asset for other address in the chain?

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I got connected to a chain with issue,send,create,receive permission. Does that mean I can issue a new asset to other address. Or I can create a new asset only for my address?

command is:

issue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx asset1 1000 1

here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the address of the admin. But I don't have any admin permission.Still, I am able to create asset "asset1" for the admin.


Can anyone explain me how is it possible?
asked Jul 12, 2017 by Dimple Kanwar

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The new asset created in an issuance transaction can be sent to any address with receive permissions on the chain. Sending an asset to someone doesn't give you any of their permissions.

answered Jul 12, 2017 by MultiChain
If I am not wrong the flow of it should be like this:
1. I will create an asset using my address
2. then send that to other address after getting receive permission.

But here I am directly creating the asset using other's address which is of an admin.How can it possible?
You are not creating it using the other's address, you are sending it to their address.

The issuefrom API is the one where you specify which address creates the asset. In the plain issue API MultiChain selects a suitable address for you.
But to send it to other's address, I need to have this asset first.
In asset list, I checked it , there is no asset with this name.
At the time of issuance you choose the address to send the new asset units too. It happens at the same time.