Error on Creating a bitcoin-style blockchain

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I created a a bitcoin-style blockchain on Ubuntu 14,

and downloaded the parameters file from

and modified the default-network-port from 8333 to 8444.

then start "multichaind mybitcoin -daemon"

It seems that the node is not started´╝Ü


MultiChain Core Daemon build 1.0 beta 1 protocol 10008

MultiChain server starting
Looking for genesis block...
Genesis block found

Other nodes can connect to this node using:
multichaind mybitcoin@

Protocol version 10002



Where's the problem?




asked Jun 8, 2017 by allainzhang

2 Answers

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I can't see any problem with the output you're showing, but in a general sense, there is an issue with beta 1 connecting to the bitcoin network, which we've already fixed and will be released in beta 2 in the next couple of weeks. This might also affect the ability to create your own bitcoin-style network.
answered Jun 8, 2017 by MultiChain
the problems are:

1.  there is no "Node started"  output

2. execute "ps -x" , there is no multichaind process

3. execute "multichain-cli mybitcoin getinfo" , couldn't connect to the server

4. the last lines of debug.log are

Initializing databases...
Pre-allocating up to position 0x1000000 in blk00000.dat

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Can you please try with the latest release, beta 2, and let us know if it solves the problem?
answered Jun 15, 2017 by MultiChain